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Kenny on the Couch

Air: 9March 4th, 2003

Original Air Date: March 4th, 2003

FRASIER REKINDLES HIS PRIVATE PRACTICE; ALAN CUMMING GUEST STARS -- Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) agrees to counsel a depressed Kenny (guest star Tom McGowan) in the aftermath of his recent divorce. However, the sessions turn sour when the troubled station manager finds more comfort in Martin's (John Mahoney) advice. Elsewhere, Niles' (David Hyde Pierce) dreams come true when, along with Daphne (Jane Leeves), he is able to study with the yogi to Seattle's elite, Ahmrit (guest star Alan Cumming, "X-Men 2"). Peri Gilpin also star. TV-PG

Welcome to the French simulator! Just click on the openers, middles, and closers to your most common questions to see how Niles would say it in French!

Do you want Do we really have Do you know how
Is it be possible Will I manage

to sleep with to find to eat to buy
to show me to look like to stand to get in

Gerard Depardieu perfume a pair of frog legs
good cheese the Eiffel Tower
a genuine Parisian my wife my pants

in your widest dreams? to cover the smell? while drinking red wine? without speaking French? right after breakfast? without being too arrogant? when my mother-in-law is around? after eating 300 croissants? ? (nothing)

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THE SNEAK PEEK..A look at upcoming episodes...
Roe To Perdition
Airing: March 18, 2003
guest starring: John Vickery (The Russian Supplier)

Niles and Frasier are preparing for a dinner party andmust find some quality caviar at an affordable price which leads them to a back alley where they find a questionable Russian supplier. The hors d'oeuvres are a smash and the Brothers Crane begin trading Beluga for social favors. Meanwhile, Martin is given a few extra bucks in an ATM glitch, and Daphne, in the name of good karma, wants him to return it.

This week:

"Fraternal Scwhinns"
Air date: February 25, 2003

Comments: Well, I have had to miss this episode, due to Work (:x)I can give my opinion of it when I finally see it! :D

SCORE: (Unknown at this time)